About the Owner

Alma Montgomery, also known as AlmaGdesigns, wears multiple hats as the owner of Signature Pieces Boutique, a fashion designer, stylist, wardrobe consultant, and the creative force behind Thehatbaby.com – her couture hat collection.

Her journey in design began early, crafting a collection of paper dolls from magazines and selling sketches of her day and evening designs, launching her entrepreneurial fashion career. Despite her family's sewing prowess, Alma took a different path, focusing on her passion for design. She honed her skills in an adult sewing class taught by Carmen in the Historic West End, sparking her love for fashion and igniting her professional journey.

Almagdesigns now grace the racks of Signature Pieces Boutique and Gallery, attracting Atlanta's elite, boutiques, and prestigious events like the Essence Festival and Kentucky Derby. Alma acknowledges her inspirations – her mom, sisters, Team Starr, Tavares, Dr. Yolande, her amazing clientele, FCI Los Angeles, – as pivotal to her design journey.